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Research has shown that spending more time outdoors can make us healthier, happier and smarter.


Inspiring you to get outside more often

At Outdoor Therapy, we aim to be a source of inspiration, information and motivation for people who want to improve their lives by playing outside more often.

So what's our story?

Outdoor Therapy came about because we decided that it was time to spend more time outdoors doing activities that we love or have always wanted to try.


We made a conscious effort to stop saying we should do this or we'd love to do that and instead decided just to go out and do it already.

But why the website?

In speaking with many of our friends, we've discovered that we aren't alone in wanting to adjust our priorities to include more outdoor therapy.


And, by sharing some of this adventure information, we're hoping that others like us will find encouragement and motivation to get out there more regularly as well.

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    Need more inspiration? Check out some of our latest...

    Crooked Falls Hike near Squamish, BC

    This moderately difficult, 6.4 km hike is the perfect short yet challenging adventure. You’ll experience stunning views of the Squamish River Valley and of the spectacular Crooked Falls.

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    Sea to Summit Trail near Squamish, BC

    This steep and challenging 7.5 km (one way) hike brings you to the stunning views at the top of the Sea-to-Sky Gondola. Give your knees a break and take the gondola down.

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    Joffre Lakes hike near Pemberton, BC

    This moderately difficult, 9.4 km hike takes 4-6 hours and offers stunning views of the turquoise-blue Joffre Lakes, the Matier glacier, and surrounding mountains.

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    Mount Gardner Hike on Bowen Island

    This moderately difficult, 8.3 km (return) hike takes 4-5 hours. Expansive views of the Sunshine Coast, downtown Vancouver, UBC, Mt. Baker, Howe Sound.

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    Sea to Sky Trail – Brandywine Falls to Whistler Bungee Bridge

    This easy, scenic, 5.4 km return trail is open to bikers and hikers. Expect a packed gravel surface and mostly gentle grades with the occasional steeper switchback.

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    Killarney Lake Hike on Bowen Island

    This easy, scenic 7.5-9km (return) hike from the ferry in Snug Cove takes about 2-3 hours and has minimal elevation gain. It is accessible year round.

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    Garibaldi Lake Hike near Whistler, BC

    This moderately difficult, 18 km return hike takes 5-6 hours. Garibaldi lake is a show-stopper turquoise lake ringed by showy glaciers, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains.

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    Tenquille Lake (Branch 12 Trail) – Pemberton, BC

    This moderately difficult, 12 km (return) hike takes 5-7 hours. Expect to be dazzled by expansive alpine meadows, stunning views of the Pemberton Valley and the crystal clear, sub-alpine Tenquille Lake.

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    At Outdoor Therapy, we aim to be a source of inspiration, information and motivation for people who want to improve their lives by playing outside.

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    Disclaimer:  All information presented on this website is for informational purposes only. Outdoor Therapy does not bear any liability for the information presented here. All outdoor activities involve a certain element of risk and weather, and other forces may change trail routing and/or other conditions. The information presented here is meant to serve as a guide only. It is the ultimate and sole responsibility of the user of this information to determine which activities are appropriate to her skills and fitness levels and it is the ultimate and sole responsibility of the user to be aware of changes and hazards that may have occurred since the posting of the material.