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The Complete Guide to Hiking Mt. Gardner on Bowen Island

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Did you know that Mount Gardner has over 21 kilometres of hiking trails?

While some hikers may be familiar with ‘The Classic’ popular route to the north summit, many don’t realize that with over 21 kilometres of trails, Mount Gardner offers almost endless hiking possibilities.

This PDF guide includes:

A detailed, color-coded overview map (and a printer-friendly version!) of all Mount Gardner’s trails. This map includes trail names and trail segment distances to help you better understand where you’re going and how far you’re hiking.

Trailhead information. The book contains detailed maps and instructions for walking, driving or taking public transit to Mount Gardner’s trailheads.

Featured hiking routes. Unique to this guide are twelve featured hiking routes that will guide you to different areas of Mount Gardner.

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Mt. Gardner Featured Route - "The Classic"


The Mount Gardner featured route “The Classic” is a popular hike to the north summit.

This PDF guide includes:

detailed map of “The Classic” hike on Mount Gardner including trail segment distances.

It also includes an elevation profile, distance, difficulty rating, estimated time needed, trailhead information, elevation change and slope percentages.

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Explore Bowen Island, BC by Bike!


This PDF guide includes:

Six featured routes that will bring you to different corners of the island (and, incidentally, they all pass or end at beaches!) 

For each route you get a map, an elevation profile (FYI- Bowen is hilly so this info is useful), detailed directions, and a link to the route on Google Maps.

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